The International Society for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research

Previous meetings

25th Meeting 2023 - Chicago (Ill), USA, STI & HIV World Congress 2021 (with 24th IUSTI World)
Chair: Barbara J. Van der Pol.

24th Meeting 2021 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands, STI & HIV World Congress 2021 (with 22nd IUSTI World)
Chair: Henry de Vries.

23rd Meeting 2019 - Vancouver, Canada, World STI & HIV Congress 2019 (with 20th IUSTI World)
Chair: Caroline E. Cameron.
» Programme in PDF format
» Abstracts in BMJ

22nd Meeting 2017 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, World STI & HIV Congress 2017 (with IUSTI World)
Chair: Mauro Romero Leal de Passos.
» Programme in PDF format
» Abstracts in BMJ

21st Meeting 2015 - Brisbane, Australia, World STI & HIV Congress 2015 (with IUSTI World) Chair: Basil Donovan.
Co-Chair: David Lewis.
» Programme in PDF format
» Abstracts in BMJ

20th Meeting 2013 - Vienna, Austria, World STI & HIV Congress 2013 (with IUSTI World)
Chair: Angélika Stary.
» Programme in PDF format
» Abstracts in BMJ

19th Meeting 2011 – Québec City, Canada
Chair: Michel Alary, MD, PhD.
» Main Conference Program in PDF format
» Abstract book that is published as a supplement to the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections
» Program and abstracts of one of the main satellite symposia
» Program of the industry-sponsored symposia
» webcasts recorded during the conference

18th Meeting 2009 – London, United Kingdom
Chairs: Catherine Ison and Ann Johnson.
» Abstracts in PDF format

17th Meeting 2007 – Seattle, Washington, USA
Chair: H. Hunter Handsfield.
» Abstracts in PDF format

16th Meeting 2005 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Chair: Roel Coutinho.
» Abstracts and Program in PDF format

15th Meeting 2003 – Ottawa, Canada
Chair: Jo-Anne Dillon.
» Abstracts and Program in PDF format

14th Meeting 2001 – Berlin, Germany
Chair: Peter Kohl.

13th Meeting 1999 – Denver, Colorado, USA
Chair: Franklyn N. Judson.

12th Meeting 1997 – Seville, Spain
Chair: Evelio Perea.

11th Meeting 1995 – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Chair: David H. Martin.

10th Meeting 1993 – Helsinki, Finland
Chair: Jorma Paavonen.

9th Meeting 1991 – Banff, Alberta, Canada
Chair: Allan Ronald.

8th Meeting 1989 – Copenhagen, Denmark
Chair: Inga Lind.

7th Meeting 1987 – Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Chair: Sumner E. Thompson.

6th Meeting 1985 – Brighton, United Kingdom
Chair: JRW Harris.

5th Meeting 1983 – Seattle, Washington, USA
Chair: King K. Holmes.

4th Meeting 1981 – Heidelberg, Germany
Chair: Detlef Petzoldt.

3rd Meeting 1980 – Antwerp, Belgium
Chair: Peter Piot.

2nd Meeting 1979 – Helsinki, Finland
Chair: Alan Lassus.

1st Meeting 1977 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Chair: Ernst Stolz.